Coach Salisu Yusuf gets support of Nigeria coaches association

The Nigeria Football Coaches Association led by Ladan Bosso have pledged their full support for Salisu Yusuf after he featured in a sting video aired by the BBC.

In a communiqué signed by Bosso, the association said they respect the FIFA code of ethics, but do not believe the coach should be held liable for any wrongdoing.

The coaches also noted the following after they studied the video clip –

  1. It is clear to the blind that the coach’s stand wasn’t distorted by the “trivality“ of the pecuniary gift made to him.
  2. The players in question prior to the issuance of the gift had already made the team and were in fact among the pillars of the team.

3 We do not think that the integrity and reputation of football has been affected by this though we shall investigate further as it dents the reputation of our association and members.

  1. Again, we think  that the coach should be commended for stating clearly that players selection is based on performance.
  2. It makes no sense that our colleague who earns over 3 million Naira would stoop so low for pittance of  $750/1000, which does not compare to the salary he earns. The trivial nature of what he received is the issue!

This our member has debunked in his response to BBC

“To this effect we stand with our member pending further investigations to ascertain if there are any breaches of ethics,” further read the statement.

“As a body we shall investigate further this matter and where need be sanction or caution our colleague.”


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