John Lazarus has teamed up with El Kanemi Warriors three years after he won the U17 World Cup

FIFA U17 2015 World Cup-winning right full back John Lazarus has told SCORENigeria he is excited to join NPFL side El Kanemi Warriors.

The defender’s paper work will be completed today, officials told SCORENigeria

Lazarus said he is thrilled to sign his first professional contract.

“I am so excited to sign my first professional contract after several attempts to sign a contract abroad did not work out,” he told SCORENigeria

“I have moved on and will now concentrate on my new club El Kanemi Warriors.

“I want to thank coach imama for giving me the opportunity to be part of a young squad I met on ground, it is a privilege to play alongside veterans like Isiaka Olawale who I have followed for a very long time, so too Abdurasak Aliu.

“Now I can’t wait to play my first match for the club.”


By Kola Daniel


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