Peter Utaka – Goal King in Japan

Peter Utaka is 34 today and he has told SCORENigeria that his late grandmother long foretold he will make his mark in football even when he was a boy scrapping for food at the Coal Camp in Enugu.

Utaka has gone on to great things in the game, winning top scorer’s award in four countries and winning several individual honours.

He was capped 10 times for his Nigeria, netting three times.

Utaka stood out as a kid doing kick-about with his mates in the streets catching the attention of his aged grandmother who blessed him and predicted his stardom.

“My grandmother was always telling me that people would pay money to watch me play football,” Utaka recalled.

“She kept blessing me each time she came around and I was so prayerful and hopeful I would fulfill my dreams of becoming a football star.

“It was tough growing up and I kept soldering on because I knew I had the blessing of God to make it.

“My grandmother was always there for me even when I got disappointed when I wasn’t meeting my expectations as a player.”

Peter Utaka champion again in Japan

He continued: “UNTH FC was my first club after leaving school, following on the footsteps of my older brother, John. It was all good.

“Then I had to try my luck overseas, early starts in Egypt, UAE and Croatia prepared me for the big occasion and the rest is now history.

“May God bless the soul of my grandmother for being there for me in the face of early tough times.”


By Ikenwa Nnabuogor


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