Nigeria’s World Cup kits – 2018 vs 1994

SCORENigeria puts out various opinions about the Super Eagles World Cup kits by sponsors Nike.

Eagles top World Cup kits power rankings

The Mirror has ranked Nigeria’s World Cup kits as No 1 ahead of the likes of Colombia, Belgium, Japan and Spain.

“And while you’re there, pick up this glorious effort from Nigeria that comes out as a deserving No. 1,” declared the top British tabloid.

“It’s incredible, frankly, and is bound to turn us all into Super Eagles in the summer.”

Energetic collection complete with Naija spirit – Nike

Nike’s energetic collection for the Nigeria Football Federation is imbued with the Naija spirit.

There are the requisite odes to the Super Eagles’ on-pitch success (the home kit carries a familiar badge recolored to honor the ’96 gold medal-winning “Dream Team”) and tradition (as always, there’s a full green kit, though it’s now the away stripe rather than the home).

But at heart, the looks are driven by a desire to channel a healthy reserve of exuberance.

With Nigeria, we wanted to tap into the attitude of the nation. We built this kit and collection based on the players’ full identities.

Dan Farron, Nike Football Design Director

So, so beautiful – Manchester City loanee Chidiebere Nwakali

The colours are nice particularly the one with white strips, that was what we watched on TV (in 1994), Rashidi Yekini and co. That’s the old Nigeria.

It’s amazing, beautiful, I can’t wait to wear it.

Should designs lifted from the past?

When the new Super Eagles jersey went viral on Wednesday, I was one of those who immediately commended the NFF for doing a good job.

But, the reactions over the unveiling of the jersey and its comparison with some products that NIKE had created and produced for Nigeria in the past made me to pause for more examination.

As a matter of fact, more of the revelations from the media have shown a lot of sides to the matter. Now, I’m prompted to ask

If the new jerseys by Nike were a replica of what they produced for Nigeria in the past, it then means it was a “bad market”. As a company of high repute why did they fail to do something different instead of reproducing what we know before?  Where they so lazy to create a new innovation?

Eagles skipper Mikel Obi at the 2016 Rio Olympics and how he will look at Russia 2018 with the team’s new away kits

Does it mean the strategy of the sportswear company was to spend less and gain more since the design was only “LIFTED” from their archives for production

Why was the NFF’s marketing department unable to discover or assess the design before a go-ahead order was given for it to be produced and subsequently unveiled?

Was the NFF in a hurry to get the project done?

These developments only showed how less innovative officials of the federation could be while carrying out marketing strategies.

However, I would appeal to Nigerians to accept what they have been given since there is nothing we can do about it at this point.

Let’s wish the Eagles well at the World Cup.


Why I don’t like new kits

If you ask me, I don’t like this jersey for these reasons:

1) The colours do not represent the green and the white we are known with.

2) Why is black colour included?  To me it’s needless.

3) I heard people talking about and comparing the jersey with that of US ’94, this is a setback as far I am concerned. Comparing a newly designed jersey to 14 years back jersey says much about the lapses to say the least.

4) Lastly, if a sports journalist (Andrew) Randa can design a better and finer jersey than this, I expected something better than this. Nike no try at all.



  1. For me, after AFCON2000, BFF failed to produce great kits for all national teams of Nigeria.
    The 2018 world cup home kits is not our flag colour and is a disgrace to see this kind of Jersey approved be the NFF. Argentina would never change their strips white and light blue to dark blue. However, the away kits is not bad. Nike reproduced the 1995 jersey that Eagles wore against England which England won the match by 1-0. It’s on YouTube, You can watch the match. The picture here with Amokechi and the new away kits does not matched. I like the away kits to home kits. I’m pretty sure that Eagles are going to use the away kits for all their matches both friendly and at the world cup. The away jersey is good while the new home kits are below the world cup stands. Sorry NFF, you took our national colour from us. For this reason, our ex players or people who know the right thing should replace those who gave Nike go ahead to make the home new jersey. I wish the Super Eagles best of luck at this year world cup. God bless Nigeria!!!

  2. Well there’s nothing wrong in being different. Italy’s blue jersey has nothing to do with its national flag. The same with Germany & England many a times. By the way, the multi coloured jersey looks exactly like the one the Eagles wore in Wembley friendly vs England a few months after the world cup and not the USA ’94 versions like some people mistakenly mentioned.


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