Kanu with wife Amarachi at an event

The world literally seems to be crumbling right under the feet of the Golden Boy of Nigerian football Nwankwo Kanu – last week he cried out that his prized hotel was about to be taken over by the banks over outstanding loans and now a damning Instagram post by angry wife, Amarachi, has laid bare serious cracks to his marriage of 13 years.

Amarachi fired full salvo at her husband’s younger brother Ogbonnaya after he boasted he was at a Leeds United game: “You are a coward and a liar. That’s my son’s ticket.

“He was supposed to follow his dad to the Leeds game today but no. You have never allowed Kanu to be in peace with his family.

“You tried all that with me all these years thinking I will die and now you want to come near my children. You can’t. You won’t.

“Oloshi Oloribuku(a curse in Yoruba). Borrow pose. @Ogbobikee1 don’t mess up with my children’s things or their dad.”

Amarachi Kanu’s damning blog fired at her brother-in-law

But even before this public expose, there have been a raft of allegations in the Kanu family as regards the younger brother’s undue intrusion in their lives.

It was among other things alleged that Ogbonnaya, himself a former footballer, was the one who bought groceries for the family and decided a lot of what is to be done for them, not the wife.

His celebrated wedding to the sister of a celebrity blogger was bankrolled 100% by Kanu.

All these are said to have taken a massive toll on the marriage of the Kanus.

Amarachi, from the “little village girl” is now a trained lawyer who reportedly saved her husband from losing their palatial London home through a receivership.

And she is now ready to throw caution to the wind to save her home.

KING KANU ON FOOTBALL PITCH: He won the FA Cup in England with unfancied Portsmouth among many other major honours with Arsenal and Ajax Amstedam, but it has not gone according to script in his life outside the pitch

Her husband Kanu was a legend on the pitch, a star of a heart-rendering story that has even been considered for a movie – after he led Nigeria to an historic Olympic Gold in 1996, he survived a life-threatening heart ailment to go on to win trophies with Arsenal and Portsmouth after earlier successes with Ajax Amsterdam and Inter Milan.

He was also twice named African Footballer of the Year by CAF, a UNICAEF Ambassador and NFF Soccer Ambassador.

In 2007, KICK OFF Nigeria Magazine named him the richest Nigeria football star as he had business interests ranging from the hospitality industry to oil and gas.

The net worth of his businesses at a time was more than three billion Naira and growing.

Kanu cries out he could lose hotel

Kanu sells off Papilo FC

But it now all seems that life outside the pitch has not been kindly scripted for the man who was nicknamed ‘King’ at Portsmouth.

It is understood that he lost millions of dollars in several business ventures with the climax being the sealing off of the Hardley Apartment Hotel in Lagos, which at it’s height employed over 150 people.

Last week, he raised alarm through a statement published by SCORENigeria: “My heart bleeds, not just because my prized possession which emerged out of my blood and sweat as a career footballer is at the risk of being taken away from me under the weight of an intractable/belligerent government apparatus unjustifiably, but also because of the imminent defeat of the major objective for its establishment (to cater for the Kanu Heart Foundation).”

We also reported that he has sold the slot of his pet club Papilo FC in the second-tier Nigeria National League (NNL) to Calabar Rovers.

What could be next?


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