Daniel Chima Chukwu has been with Atta from Norway to China and now Poland
Daniel Chima Chukwu could again be on the move soon

Daniel Chima Chukwu may be forced to consider a move to the Major Soccer League (MLS) as sources informed SCORENigeria the striker’s playing time at Polish club Legia Warzawa has been restricted due to what they term as racism.

Chukwu, who has previously played in Norway and China, has only featured twice for Polish league leaders  Legia Warzsawa since he joined up in January on a three and half year deal.

“Chukwu is unhappy and frustrated in Poland and he may now consider offers from the MLS among other interests,” a source close to the player told SCORENigeria

“Racism is really the cause he has not been playing regularly and so he has to move out to get his career back on track.”

He won three Norwegian championships with Molde FK, before he moved to Chinese club Shanghai Shenxin.


  1. this is joke, he had numerous occasions to prove his worth, every time he was the worst player on the pitch, below any acceptable level. on the other hand, Legia fans have many non-while idols, like Dickson Choto or Vadis odidja ofoe. One big lie.

  2. A football player is to play football.

    However this guy is a terrible striker and this is why “has only featured twice (huge lie – six times!!!) for Polish league leaders Legia Warzsawa since he joined up in January on a three and half year deal.”

  3. Wow. Same story everytime. Every colored player in Poland who is under expectation starting same story that he cannot play because of rasism. Srlsy? As reminder Daniel wasn’t cheap and he earn more then his “white” friends from Legia. I think Legia will be happy if he left club because he is not playing as for his price. This is football you play or you are out – it doesn’t matter what skin color you have.
    Dear admin please think about racism – it works in both sides.

  4. The guy didn’t show anything good since he joined the team. He is either injured or too weak to play.
    He is the worst player even if he plays in Legia’s reserve team. Huge disappointment as everybody remembered him from Molde where he was a good player.

  5. I don’t know what’s wrong with some players this dude was a bomb in molde but decided to go to some fucking Chinese team to kill his carrier….now everybody talk about him being the worst player on the pitch

  6. Comment:chima is a hot ..super hot striker. giving a strike just 2or 4 chances to prove his worth in a new club?? new environment?? take a look at what is happening to Lukaku…Morata.. they need time. play him regularly. play chima chukwu regularly and thank your decisions Afterwards


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