Godfrey Oboabona in action for Saudi club Al Ahi

Brazil-based agent and former Eagles winger Benji Nzeakor has told SCORENigeria Godfrey Oboabana has been ”unreasonable” after he refused to resolve issues concerning his transfer Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia.

Nzeakor said he originally brought the deal to the former Sunshine Stars’ defender, who went ahead to conclude the deal with another agent who had no previous knowledge of the contract.

Nzeakor said he has spoken to Oboabana severally to compensate him, but to his surprise the former Rizespor of Turkey defender has stuck to his guns that he is not entitled to any money.

“I was told that Nigerian players are bad and can’t be trusted but I am beginning to believe now with the attitude of Oboabana,” he told SCORENigeria

“I knew how I convinced the officials that Oboabana was the player they needed and I quickly contacted my partner in Nigeria to get him and at the end of the day he did this to me.

“To make matters worse, he’s become so unreasonable, claiming he’s right. How could he be with my sweat?

“Oboabana is sitting on my sweat and he knows, but he’s completely defiant about this.

“I’ve written several messages on the need for him to settle this matter amicably, but he’s not on the same page with me.”

Nzeakor added: “I was a player like him and I know how these things affect negatively on a player and I’ve spoken to him as a father, an older brother, but he’s not listening to me.

“I’ve also spoken to a top official who I understand is his mentor, but nothing is happening.

“I can’t have a small boy like Oboabana rubbish me like this, it’s not good, he has to reason with me and compensate me.”

Oboabana, Nzeakor informed, signed the contract with the Saudi side in Austria in July, around the same time he was tabling another opening in England for him.

He has gone to play five games for his Saudi side.


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