Pillars skipper Gambo Mohammed (middle) celebrates a goal this past season

Kano Pillars chairman Tukur Babangida has said the four-time champions finished a disappointing eighth on the NPFL table this past season because the players were not committed.

Pillars ended the season in eighth place with 54 points from 38 matches.

“Kano Pillars have good players, but lack of commitment from some of them caused the setback of the team,” club boss Babangida lashed out while addressing the team.

“For us now is better to have unskillful players who are committed, instead of having skillful players who are not committed.”

He further said the Kano State Government and the management did their best by  fulfilling all the promises made to the players which included prompt  payment of salaries, bonuses and flying them by air to some away match venues in order to make them comfortable.

He directed the coaches to submit their report to the board for study and further action.

The players are to report back to the team on October 9 ahead of preparations for next season.



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