Bobby Clement hits Kuwaiti City to sign for Al Arabi who are notorious for breaching contracts

Ex-Enugu Rangers striker Bobby Clement may be in for a few shocks at new Kuwaiti club Al Arabi as they have shown to be serial contract defaulters.

SCORENigeria’s in-depth investigations have revealed that Al Arabi are notorious for contract breaches and are already under a FIFA ban, which forbids them from any transfers in two transfer windows after they defaulted on repayments for Gambia forward Ebrima Sohna.

They unilaterally terminated Sohna’s contract and he in turn sought redress with FIFA, who ordered he be paid what they owe him or they will risk a transfer ban.

They made the first repayment to the player, but have since defaulted on a payment plan forcing Sohna to return to the FIFA court.

The club have only recently sacked a Nigerian defender, Monday Ovey after just a month with them even though he signed a two-year contract with them.

Other players who have had their contracts terminated prematurely by Al Arabi include the Brazilian Elvis Kanu and Goran Cvijanovic from Slovenia.

It was further learnt that they currently owe most of their first-team players.

Former Heartland star Bobby Clement turned down a $300,000 offer from a top Egyptian club to move to Kuwait.


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