FC Ifeanyiubah are Federation Cup winners last year

The NFF have announced that the final of this year’s Federation Cup, which has now been renamed Aiteo Cup, will be played on October 8 and its format has been redesigned to bring back the glamour associated with the country’s longest running competition.

The women’s final will be played on October 2.

This followed a complete breakdown of the schedule of the cup competition by the NFF today.

The draw for the first round matches of this year’s AITEO Cup competition will be staged in Lagos on Friday.

As part of innovations to restore the glamour of the oldest football competition in the land, now bankrolled by Nigeria’s leading energy solutions company, AITEO, matches that end in a draw, from the first round, would not go into penalties as has been the case over the years.

NFF general secretary, Mohammed Sanusi, who is also secretary of the organising committee, explained: “From the first round stage, teams would be designated A and B. Team A will have the prerogative to choose the centre for the match against Team B, from the pool of designated centres.

“If the match ends in a draw, Team B will now have the prerogative to pick a venue from the designated centres as its ‘home’ for the replay.

“This will apply to all matches from the first round stage.”



Draw for 1st Round Matches: 11th August

1st Round Matches: 16th August

Draw for 2nd Round Matches: 18th August

2nd Round Matches: 30th August

Draw for 3rd Round Matches: 31st August

3rd Round Matches: 13th & 16th September

Draw for Quarter Final & Semi Final Matches: 14th September

Quarter Final Matches: 20th & 23rd September

Semi Final Matches: 27th September & 4th October

Women’s Final: Monday 2nd October

Men’s Final: Sunday, 8th October


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