Rivers United star Frederick Obomate (left) takes on a Club Africain marker

Were Rivers United stars so scared of failing drugs test that they crashed at home against Club Africain…why did some top comedians gate crash Ahmed Musa’s big wedding party…

Did fear of doping work against Rivers United?

Many reasons have been pushed forward to why Rivers United were washed away on a wet, wet day in Port Harcourt by Tunisia’s Club Africain in a CAF Confederation Cup Group A clash.

What is certain is that all the players were warned in very clear terms to make sure they are drugs free in this and other international matches because doping tests are carried out and any player who fails such a test has only himself to blame.

Stars forward Bernard Ovoke was one of the Rivers United tested after the ill-fated match on Sunday.

Did the fear of failing a drugs test go against the home team?

Comedians gate crash Ahmed Musa party so as not to ‘die of hunger’

Recession has badly hit all sectors of the economy and showbiz is not spared as could be seen by how several uninvited comedians gate crashed the big wedding party thrown by Leicester City star Ahmed Musa so as to make ends meet.

You won’t believe it but these comedians simply hijacked the MIC from the designated MC and in the end the programme for the wedding reception “just scatter”.

A top source simply told SCORENigeria: “Times are really hard even for these comedians, who make us to laugh away our troubles.

“They were not invited for the party but they not only smuggled themselves to the event in this remote village around Ogoja, they also took to the MIC and in the end wanted to be paid.

“Can you believe it that two of them were over the moon when the organiser brought out 50 pounds for each of them?

“The reality is that there is no free money again especially from state governments and so these comedians have to be a lot more creative if they are “not to die of hunger”.

Do not laugh – We hear that was what also happened when another Eagles star, Elderson Echiejile, wedded in Warri earlier this year.

Mr and Mrs Ahmed Musa radiating happiness at their wedding in Ogoja at the weekend. Some top comedians invited themselves to the party…


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