Nigeria’s players’ union, National Association of Nigeria Professional Footballers (NANPF), have asked world football governing body FIFA to intervene in the payment of over 264 million Naira owed their members.

In a letter dated April 24 and addressed to the FIFA players status, NANPF complained that the NFF have failed to enforce this payment awarded by the NFF arbitration committee leading to some of the beneficiaries to now be forced to beg on the streets.

“The total award to the coaches and players by the arbitration committee amounts to 264,203,500 Naira, while the undecided cases amount to 421,600,000 Naira,” the letter signed by NANPF general secretary Austin Popo read in part.

“Unfortunately, the NFF have demonstrated gross ineptitude, incapability and helplessness in enforcing the decisions of the players’ arbitration committee in the face of serious breach and non-compliance by the affected professional clubs.”

The players’ union has therefore implored FIFA to intervene in the interest of peace and harmony.


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